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Ghee Kaaram Dosa Or Natukodi Pulusu, Here’s Your Guide To Eat Authentic Rayalaseema Cuisine


Rayalaseema is a hub for great food. Filled with several spices and flavors, authentic Rayalaseema food is a treat for those who like some heat and spice in their food. The Rayalaseema culture is unique and it reflects in their food too. So, here are some places in Hyderabad, that serves some top-notch Rayalaseema food in Hyderabad.

  1. Panchakattu

Rayalaseema Restaurants In HyderabadIf we speak about Rayalaseema food, we ought to mention their breakfast specials. And, Panchakattu has come very close in serving authentic Rayalaseema food. Food trucks are common, but food truck, located in Road No: 44, is a must-visit. Ghee KaaramDosa, Ghee UpmaDosa and Ghee Uttappam are a must-try. The breakfast here is served with PanduMirpakayaPachhadi that goes great with the food.

2. Mama’s Kitchen

Mama’s Kitchen located in Jubilee Hills has an authentic Andhra vibe going all around. The interiors, decors and food will immediately transport you to the scenic beauty of Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra regions. You must try their Mutton Kheema Balls, RagiSankati and KodigudduUlliIguru. They also have several combo options and hey how can you leave this place without trying their RagiSankati and KodiPulusu combo.

3. Vivaha Bhojanambu

Just as the name suggests, Vivaha Bhojanambu, located in Jubilee Hills is known for its terrific thalis. Their Rayala Vaari Bhojanam, specially crafted for the Rayalaseema food lovers, has Ragi Sangati, Chicken curry, Alasanda Vadalu and several kinds of Dals. The food is a tad bit pricey, but hey, anything for great food, right? Also, VivahaBhojanambu greets you with an iconic scene of SVR from Mayabazaar and several old Telugu classics playing on the television. What can get better than this?

4. Kritunga Restaurant

Talk of quality food and Kritunga surely pops up in the list. Over 10 outlets in Hyderabad, this place is extremely famous for its great food. The ambience is simple, but the food is so good that we often find ourselves going back to Kritunga over and over again. They have specially curated a menu for Rayalaseema food. Their Natukodi Pulusu, Dosa Kheema, Brain Fry and Rayalaseema Mutton Curry are their superstars and you ought to try them. Vegetarians, don’t you worry as they have several authentic vegetarian Rayalaseemafood too.

5. Rayalaseema Ruchulu

How can we not talk about RayalaseemaRuchulu, when we speak of Rayalaseema food in Hyderabad? If RagiSangati and NatukodiPulusu are what you are craving for, then RayalaseemaRuchulu is your answer. And, how good are those thalis? They have a range of Rayalaseemathalis including Special Rayalaseema Veg Thali, Special Rayalaseema Chicken Thali or Seafood Thali. The thalis are slightly spicy, so make sure to ask your chef to decrease or increase the spice levels based on your food preferences. Are you visiting Rayalaseema Ruchulu, already?


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