Gujarati Man At The Niagara Falls Is The Most Epic Funny Or Die Moment..!!

A hyper excited Gujarati man goes to Canada and falls totally in love with Niagara falls? Instead of sullenly enjoying the view,  the man decides to log the experience, by making an video that captures every minute of his adrenaline rush, making us nod in agreement that Niagara falls is indeed the best place to visit in the world!
The video starts off with him praising Niagara Falls is so mind-blowing. Then he happily confesses to have sending his wife away to shop, in order to continue enjoying the view. It would seem that this man has attained nirvana and has no plans of returning from there. He then continues to educate the world about Niagara Falls and “Ameyricka” and “Caneda”. Sigh, Wish we could already be there with him.
Check Out The Video —

Excitement Of An Indian Tourist is Very Epic! He Killed It By …Excitement Of An Indian Tourist is Very Epic! He Killed It By His Amazing Commentary of Niagara Falls!#MustWatch #NiagaraFalls #Canada #ViralGoogly

Posted by Viral Googly on Sunday, February 14, 2016

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