Harmful Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs This Monsoon

Monsoon Season is finally here, though we should cherish the season and enjoy it. it is important to be careful because monsoon season brings its fair share of health problems, diseases, and infections. The sudden change in temperature can be harmful to some people and It can take its toll on our immunity, leaving our bodies vulnerable to diseases. During this season, we might get many cravings to eat certain foods, but we have to be careful because some foods might be very dangerous for us and we definitely must avoid them.


Let’s take a look at some of the foods that one must avoid this monsoon

Pani PuriUntitled design (11)

Hot pani puri in rainy season makes perfect sense right? But during monsoon, there is a high chance that the water being used is contaminated, especially during the rainy season, contaminated water can lead to a number of diseases that can be very harmful to you.

PakodaUntitled design (12)

You might be craving for pakodas, as soon as it starts raining, but you should avoid eating them because they are extremely unhealthy as they are deep-fried, and you should avoid deep-fried food in monsoon as it might lead to indigestion.

Roadside Fruit juicesUntitled design (13)

Fruit juices might be made out of rotten fruits which have been cut for a long time and drinking them can be very dangerous for you, you should avoid eating fruits which have been kept cut for a long time as there is a high chance that you will get infected.

Sea FoodUntitled design (14)

You should avoid eating seafood in monsoon because this is the season of breeding for fishes and prawns, so it’s better that you avoid them, as eating seafood can be unhealthy during this time.

Fried FoodUntitled design (15)

Fried Food should be avoided at all costs during monsoon, this is because during monsoon, our digestive system slows down, and it can be difficult for the body to digest all the fried food. Eating fried food can cause unnecessary problems like bloating and stomach upsets, so try avoiding fried foods.

Chinese FoodUntitled design (16)

Chinese Food should be avoided all the time, but during monsoon, you have to be extra careful as the vendors might use contaminated water and the flies might bring diseases and infections to food present there.

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