Have You Ever Wondered How Many Calories These Junk Foods Actually Contain..!!


We Indians are super hungry people. Face It. With the advent of IT Culture and foreign habitual influx, we have been at the forefront of adopting it, arms wide open. Now this article is not about us craving of Apple products or FitBit’s ( which actually do work, I think ), but is all about our hunger games on junk food introduced by western nationals. McDonald’s, KFC and Dominoes are there for us, when hunger knocks at the door. Can’t complain really, they are easy to carry and consume. Less clumsy and highly effective. However all is not well with these food items as they carry incredible amounts of calories…

McDonalds Meal : Price = Rs. 165 

McDonalds Meal

KFC Bucket : Price = Rs. 599 

Dominoes Pizza : Price = Rs. 455 

Dominoes Pizza

CreamStone  : Price = Rs. 225

Maggi Noodles : Price = Rs.10 

Maggi Noodles

Dunkin Donuts : Price = Rs. 255

Dunkin Donuts

StarBucks-Caramel Macchiato : Price = Rs. 275