Healthy Breakfast Options For An Active Day


Do you know why experts say breakfast can make or break your day?? Breakfast is one the most important meal of the day, correct time ki breakfast thinakapothey mana rest of the day activity pyna chala effect paduthundi. Busy life, fast-paced life lo chala varaku breakfast avoid cheyadam, light breakfast, nutrients less breakfast thinadam valla main ga daily activities pyna adverse effect untundi inka long run lo chala health issues osthai. Experts basic ga “Breakfast is the fuel that charges you up for the rest of the day” ani antaru. For healthy living and healthy lifestyle manam mana daily routines ni koncham change cheskoni healthy breakfast correct time ki thinadam start cheyali. Eela roju active ga untundi inka health kuda maintain avuthundi.

Here are a few healthy and easy breakfast options:

1. Ragi Dosa:

Breakfast Options

Egular ga ragi java, ragi mundha andhariki ki telisindey ee dishes koncham time consuming kani instant ga inka healthy breakfast kavali antey ragi dosa is the best option. Ee dosa nutrients levels lo inka energy levels lo chala high untundi. Ee breakfast mana day ni active ga start chesthundi.

2. Rawa Upma:

Breakfast Options

Vegetables lo unna goodness tho combine chesthey vegetable rawa upma chala light ga inka delicious ga untundi. This the best breakfast for a long working day.

3. Oats idly:

Breakfast Options

regularly idlys chala common , kani instant ga in quick ga idly kavali antey oats idly is the beat option.

4. Vegetable Uttapam:

Breakfast Options

Heavy but nutritious breakfast kavali antey vegetable uttapam try cheyali. Vegetables lo unna goodness mana day ni active ga unchuthundi.

5. Poha/ Atukulu Upma:

Breakfast Options

light, oil-less breakfast thinali antey poha is the best option. Easy ga ready avuthundi stomach kuda light ga untundi.

6. Vegetable Wheat Semiya:

Breakfast Options

Healthy options inka gluten free breakfast options kavali antey vegetable wheat semiya is best. Dintlo chala variety recipes unnai which every recipe you cook everything taste the best and is happy on the stomach.