This Girl’s Heartfelt Take On Samantha’s ‘Oh Baby’ Is Worth Reading

Contributed by Satya Priya

What’s your age now? Yes! You read the correct question… no need to answer me but answer yourself. What you have done in your life? Is your life meant for others or to yourself. This question may raise many points as I proudly say we being Indians we sacrifice life for others…. No no, again we don’t call it as a sacrifice but we say it as responsibility.

If we think about olden days (or before independence)  we studied about those great leaders who sacrificed their life for country because of them  we are here like this and we also show our gratitude to our soldiers saying because of them we are safe and happily surviving without life threats and we also show our sympathy to farmers ( in case of farmers suicide) that because of them we are eating food. But we forgot about our own family where there are people who sacrificed their dreams and life for us.

Oh Babby

Oh yeah! I’m, talking about our grandparents and parents who did so much for us but we didn’t do anything in return for them and still, we are not doing anything to them but they are with us and their blessings will be with us.  This point I realized when I saw OH BABY movie. I believe that a few movies will be so good and message-oriented that we learn things from that and also get influenced by that.

Oh Babby

Many people tell that movies have bad impact on youth and movies spoil them but if movies like oh baby and many other can have great influence on people and also good to see impact also on viewers as we all learning good out of it.

After watching this movie I realised many things like firstly what im doing with my life? Am I happy with what im doing? Or im just compromising with things and leading life. But im happy I got a positive response from myself that im indeed happy with what work im doing!but what about the second question I got in my mind….. its about what im doing to my grand parents and parents or the other elders in family? Are they happy in their life? Are they doing what they like? One by one all these questions popped in my brain which made me answerless because I don’t know what my dad aim in life was and what my mom expected her life to be! We always think about ourselves if you notice even in my above lines I mentioned first question I got about myself only later I thought about parents. Its good to think about ourselves but just imagine if our parents or grand parents also think the same way and they chose what they wished today how’s our life would have been….. just think for a second! I cant imagine my life without them.

Oh Babby

Every parent sacrifices many things in life and bring us all this way and lastly they expect only one thing from us and that is our happiness in which they will see their smiles.  And nextly by this movie I got to know about study of geriatrics , I know who are into doctor profession they may know that but for me it was like hearing for the first time and the universal fact is our grand parents and parents cant come to our age now and think like us but we definitely go to their age ij future and we also behave the same way with our next generation so its cycle where no one escape…… we pamper many people in our life like giving gifts to partners/lovers and also we give gifts to get jobs also ( you know what I mean) and pamper higher officials for promotions. But we don’t gift anything which our elders want from us! And do you what they want? Nothing but TIME which we waste a lot on many waste things….. so get a life and give time to your elders in family as we are kids only till they are alive once they passed no one will pamper us or care us as we become the elders so be a kid to them and elder to ur next generation and show them the path of yours how you cared your parents.

Oh Babby

Lastly to conclude with I was mesmerized with Samantha performance as 24 years old baby and huge respect to all the senior artists like Lakshmi garu, Rajendra prasad garu, Urvashi garu & Rao Ramesh garu.

This movie appreciation can’t be completed without mentioning about director NANDINI REDDY as kudos to her work.

Oh Babby

Mentioning in details about the characters of this movie

Lakshmi garu &Samantha – the main lead which makes us feel about many things in life like we should do what we wished to and also if we do good to others definitely god will find a way to gives us the life we want.

Rajendra prasad garu-  how a best friend will be for a lifetime and how we should own our friend’s family too. And also how to love someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

Oh Babby

Rao Ramesh garu- a son not a great son but great by his feelings for a mother who knows the value of a mother and also a idle husband who cares wife and his children.

Urvashi garu- I just loved her presence of character how a mother will be always positive about her son in front of others and how protective she is………how bad the son is but she always keeps him in top in the minds of others.

Lastly mentioning about the person who actually a hero NAGA SHOURYA yes! He is the hero as he showed his presence by love and affection he have ……… his character tells in movie how a man should be personally and professionally.

Oh Babby

So again lastly I just want to convey that people like us found everywhere…. I don’t say we don’t love our elders we love them but my point is we should be that people who not only love elders and show that through whatsapp status and posts in facebook and twitter on the occasion of fathers day mothers day etc….that we love them which they cant see ….. show love by listening to them and spending time with them. As once you spend time with them you will know many things what to do for them!!!!!!!!!

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