Heat In Telangana Is Such That A Woman From Karimnagar Made An Omelette On The Ground


This day had to come sometime or the other. If you aren’t having an air cooler at home and reading this article, this will not be a surprise to you.

Yes, a woman from the district of Karimnagar literally fried an egg on the ground. The temperature is shuffling between 40-45 degrees and it has become a pain for every commuter travelling in this scorching sun. There have already been a report of 35 people who dies because of the heatwave in Telangana.

The Telangana state government is taking necessary precautionary measures to try and do whatever they can to deal with these situations. This situation looks very scary with each year passing by. We have seen the temperature getting worse every year. Never late than before, hope we realise the importance of climate and every individual takes step toward protecting the nature around us which include us too.

You don’t believe me? Here watch it!