Hell no! We are the intelligent section of people


1. We do only one thing right. Either picking up or putting it back there. Do not expect us to do everything, please!lazy1

2. Picking up a pair of socks from a lot is as difficult as it is to answer, “why did kattappa kill bahubali?”
Why can’t everyone just put correct pairs together? Duh!lazy2

3. Hunger times tests our patience like hell.

We first wait till we get very very hungry. Then try recollecting what is available in the kitchen. Yell out, “Mummmaaa! Naku aakali aitundi!!!”
Luck turns worse if your mom isn’t home. We are too lazy to find out the number, call them, wait till they answer, order food, go and pick up from the door!!!! Ohhh God! Only my species can understand our pain.lazy3

4. Everyone love getting dressed up for parties. But all the clothes always are always in a pile off rubbish!!
“Repu pakka clean chestha..” is our favourite phrase.lazy4

5. Sometimes being lazy makes us crazy. We are too lazy to take the car and drive all the way to the market but we are ready to walk till there only with some slippers and not sandals. Sandals aithe kindaki vongali, buckle pettali…. duh!!
This is called priotizing!lazy5

6. Spell checks are our besties while typing. We love them more than anything, then.lazy6

7. Ipudu light off chese badalu I can atleast pretend like am sleeping so that I will eventually end up dozing! Surely, most of us have encountered this.lazy7

8. “Repati nunchi roju morning jogging chestha”. That tomorrow won’t come ever.lazy8

9. It is a headache when we have to start searching for reasons when we really do not want to get up and go out on some work. Please understand when we are taking some rest.lazy9

10. According to a study, lazy people are apparently intelligent because they find the easiest solutions to things and they save a lot of energy from working around and putting the same energy in thinking!lazy10

Yayyyyyy to the intelligent people out there 😀