Hello Vizagites ! Take This Quiz & Let Us Know How Much You Know About Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam ee peru lo edo magic untadi…peru matrame kadu city kuda lane untadi. Pedda pedda roads, oka pakka beach, araku lanti beautiful scenic hill stations ila Visakhapatnam ante enno…inkenno.

Mari mana Visakhapatnam gurinchi meeku entha telusu anedi teliyali ante ee quiz adithe oka clarity vacchestundi..


Hey mama daa oka hug icchuko



Enduku bro madi Vizag..madi Vizag ani chepkuntaru…



#1. With 3.09 Lakh Voters __________ Is The Largest Assembly Constituency In Visakhapatnam

#2. ‘Battle Of Visakhapatnam’ In 1804 Fought Between

#3. ‘INS Kursura’ Submarine Which Is Turned Out As ‘Submarine Museum’ After Crucial Role In ______?

#4. Number Of Assembly Constituencies In Visakhapatnam

#5. ________Is The Oldest Municipality After Surat In India

#6. ____________ Is The Oldest First English Medium School Between The Madras And The Calcutta Presidencies In Visakhapatnam

#7. Who Among The Following Is Not From Visakhapatnam Native ?

#8. Which Places Regarded As ‘Kashmir Of AP’ & ‘Ooty Of AP’ ?

#9. Visakhapatnam Port Is _________?

#10. Manyam Veerudu ‘Alluri Sita Rama Raju’ Birth Place ?


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