5 Ways To Help Reduce Risk Of Kidney Stones

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs in our body. Kidney function proper ga lekapote manam chala health problems face cheyyalsi vastundi. Mana body lo blood ni detoxify chesi toxins ni bayatiki pampistai ee kidneys. Mari vati functioning ae sarigga lekapote inka body function change ayipotundi. ala vache main problem kidney stones. Age factor em undadu deeniki, avarikaina vacheystundi. Family history valla kuda vastai. Deeniki specific food teesukuntu chinna chinna tips follow aite cure ayye chances high ga unnai. So, ikkada konni natural food tips istunnam go and read and be careful about kidney stones.

Kidney stones


Chills and shivering.

Feeling weak and tired

Feeling restless and unable to lie still

needing to urinate more often than normal

pain when you urinate

Foods Tips

Take Plenty of fluids

Kidney stones

Mana body ki main ga kavalsinavi Fluids. ivi yekkuva teesukovadam valla kidneys lo stones form avvakunda untai. Ee fluids mana body lo stones ni form cheysey chances ni decrease chestundi. Oxalic and uric acid ee stones form avvadaniki main reason. So ivi ekkuva unde foods ni control lo teesukovadam manchidi. Stones unna varu water ni high amount lo teesukunte stones reduce ayye chances unnai.

Add Citric acid

Kidney stones

Citric acid, kidney stones ni prevent cheyyadaniki easiest way. Fruits and vegetables lo ekkuva ga untundi ee acid. Lemon, oranges, mangoes, berries ivvanni kuda high in citric acid. ee acid, calcium tho oxalates bind ayyi form ayye stones ni melt chestundi. Stones unnavaru daily diet lo ee juices ni add chesukovadam valla pain ni reduce chesukovachu and stones ni taggincukovachu.

Avoid High dose of Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C mana health ki chala manchidi. Ala ani kidney stones unna varu veetini ekkuva ga consume cheyyadam valla ivi increase ayye chances unnai. Vitamin C oxalates level ni increase chestundi by which stones form avuthai.

Reduce Salt Intake

Salt Intake

Manam teesukune food lo high amount of salt undadam valla stones form ayye risk undi. Salt lo unna sodium mana body loki enter avvagaane urine lo calcium content ni increase chestundi. idi stone formation lo greatest risk factor. Actually, mana body ki 2,300 mg of sodium per day is enough. But, ee level ni cross cheste stones form ayye risk kuda increase avutundi.

Add Magnesium in diet

Kidney stones

One of the most important and highly ignored minerals that is essential for your body is magnesium. Kani manam ee magnesium ni diet lo include cheyyam. Human body lo jarige metabolic reactions, energy production and movement of muscles ki ee magnesium chala help avutundi. idi oxalates ni absorb chesukuni kidney lo calcium oxalate stones ni reduce chestundi.

So, friends ivvandi kidneys stones unna vallu teesukovalsina natural foods to reduce the risk. Hope this article will helpful !!

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