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Here Are 10 Common Things Which Majority Of People Will Do First After Lockdown Is Relaxed


Just ala okkasari lockdown ettestunnam ani chepthe em cheyalo andaro mundhe fix aipoyi unnaru. Majority of boys sitting ante…majority of girls shopping or parlors antunaru. Ila Lockdown aipoyaka mana janalu first cheyalanukutunna things anni kondari personal opinions tiskoni ee article prepare chesamu hope you can relate and meeru anukunna first things emaina unte let’s do comment.

1. First urgent ga friends tho sitting eddam – No One Mana Taxpayers

2. First urgent ga ‘Beauty Parlor Ki Vellali’ – No One Girls !

3. First Maa Pilla/Pillagadini Kalvali – Missed My baby So Badly !

4. First theatres Release Aithe Oka Cinema Chudali – Kottha Cinema Chusi enni rojulu aithundi ra ?

5. First Lockdown lo aipoina birthdays anni gattiga celebrate cheskovali

6. First Manchi Biryani Tinali – With Double Masala

7. First gang tho shopping cheyali – Ammaila Requirements Anthe !

8. First Naa gag tho Tik-Tok Cheyali – Tik-Tok Ante Pranam Batch !

9. First One Day Long Ride vellali – Mari inni rojulu intlo unnam kadha !

10. First College ki poyi friends andaritho mucchatlu pettali – Missed It Badly

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