Here Are 7 Most Famous Fruit Capitals Of India!


We love fruits. They are in fact our favourite sources of natural and healthy sugars. Fruits are also considered great for snacking. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Researches prove that people who choose to eat fruits as snacks instead of junk food or street food are considered to have higher metabolism and also a stronger immunity system.
And, there is a lot of fruit cultivation in our country. But do you know that some states also have fruit capitals? So here are 7 states in India which have fruit capitals.

1.Himachal Prades: Apples

1 Fruit Capitals Of IndiaHimachal Pradesh is an extremely beautiful state. The place attracts tourists from all across the globe all over the year. The place looks even better during the winters. Why, you may ask? Himachal during the winter season is covered with apple orchids. Truly a treat to watch and hence there is no doubt why Himachal Pradesh is the Apple capital of our country. A tiny region, Kotgarh is called as Apple bowl of India.

2.Maharashtra: Bananas

2 Fruit Capitals Of IndiaBihar is the largest producer of bananas in our country. But the fruit capital for bananas is often considered to be Maharashtra. It is because of the extreme number of banana farms present in a village named Jalgaon. The city produces 20% of the nation’s bananas and is also one of the largest producers of the fruit in the world.

3.Madhya Pradesh: Ber

3 Fruit Capitals Of IndiaBer or Jujubee is a very popular fruits which is available in the country only during the monsoons. A seasonal fruit, which is super rich in nutrients and minerals is majorly cultivated in Madhya Pradesh. There are cultivated in other states like Punjab and Uttar Pradesh too but the highest portion comes from Madhya Pradesh making it the Ber capital of India.

4.Andhra Pradesh: Custard Apple

4 Fruit Capitals Of IndiaAnother famous seasonal fruit available in the monsoon is the Custard Apple. Juicy and flavourful, we wait for this fruit every year. The fruit is mostly cultivated in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. But since a majority of the fruit comes from Andhra Pradesh, it is known as Custard Apple capital of India.

5.Nagpur: Oranges

5 Fruit Capitals Of IndiaNagpur located in Maharashtra is known all over the country for it production of juicy and nutritious oranges. They are so famous that the oranges cultivated in Nagpur are called as Nagpur Oranges. They are exported to across the globe.

6.Tripura: Pine Apples

6 Fruit Capitals Of IndiaTripura is perhaps one of the newest addition to the fruit capitals list. In the year 2018, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind declared Pine Apple as Tripura’s state fruit making it a fruit capital of India. The queen Pine Apple is perhaps the best variety of Pine Apple you can get your hands on.

7.Mahabaleshwar: Strawberries

7 Fruit Capitals Of IndiaA hill-station, located in Mahabaleshwar is extremely popular for it breathtaking views and scenic beauty. The place every year attracts several tourists. This tiny and quaint place is known for its Strawberry farms. Grown in the hilly slopes of the Western Ghats, they are tasty, great to look at, making it the fruit capital for strawberries.