Here Are a Few Food Places in Hyderabad for Foodies


Mixed cultures and traditions unna mana Hyderabad.. world motham lo food ki chala famous. Eekada dorikey prathi oka dish olden traditions inka olden cooking techniques ni oka legacy ga future generations ki introduce chesthunam. Hyderabad lo Mughlai, Turkish inka Arabic flavours inka mana native tastes of South India vi dorukuthai.

Regular ga famous food joints inka famous restaurants yenni unna their are some hidden restaurants and hidden food joints which are not very famous but serve some of the most delicious food in the city. Ee kotha Restaurants names enti ? Did I ever go there ani anukuntunara? Aythey check this article and know more about the hidden gems of Hyderabad.

1. Nabanno:

Food Places in Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Biryani, traditional North Indian food regular ga thintey bore koduthundi anukune vallu Hyderabad lo traditional Bengali cuisine try cheyali. Dhaniki Nabanno is the best place. Eekada dorikey Fish Kabiraji, Daab Chingri, Ilish Maacher Paturi inka Aloo Piyaj Posto chala tasty ga untai.

2. Palamuru Grill:

Food Places in Hyderabad

Ee place lo dorikey prathi oka dish traditional taste ni exact ga represent chesthundi. Chicken fried wings, chicken kebabs inka fish fry are the best ones to try.

3. Bangkok 169:

Food Places in Hyderabad

Sudden ga Thai food taste cheyali ani untey rush to Bangkok 169 for some flavourful and fragrant Thai food.

4. Big Brew Bus:

Food Places in Hyderabad

Evening tea time with snacks or for a small cup of coffee Big Brew Bus is the best place to hang out.

5. Ice and Spice:

Food Places in Hyderabad

Ee small food joint place shawarmas inka rolls ki chala famous, If you want to try some Sahan Shawarma and Chicken Mandi this is the best place.

6. LaMakaan:

Food Places in Hyderabad

Ee place Hyderabad lo best-hidden place and it is also cultural space for theatre artists. You have to try Mutton Keema and Chicken Curry in this place.