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Here Are A Few Indian Rotis That You Need To Taste


Variety of traditions and the variety of food ni witness cheyyalante India tarawate. Inka yekkada alanti taste ni experience cheyyalem.  Mana country lo Every state, every corner lo unique tale of tradition ni offer chestundi. India lo different states lo number of delectable dishes manalni palakaristune untai. Not just a variety of dishes India lo exquisite range of chapatis/roti’s kuda offer chestundi manaku.  different ingredients tho different aroma and different taste tho dorukuthai ee chapatis. Mari ae ae chapatis yekkada famous chudam padandi.

  1. Rumali Roti

Rumali Roti

Rumali Roti is one of the unleavened traditional roti idi. Dinni Awadhi, mughlai and hyderabadi cuisine lo famous ayyindi. ee Rumali rotis ni thin ga soft and handkerchief laga untai. Rumal ante hindi lo handkerchief ani meaning anduke ee name vachindi deeniki.

Where to find? Best suited with the Tandoori dish, best Rumali roti kavalante Punjab cuisine lone tinali.

  1. Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti is a very common Indian chapati idi. Every Indian dish lo idi manaki kanipistundi. Tandoori ante unique style of preparation ani meaning. Tandoori ante mud tho chesina batti lo coal and wood petti cheyyadam dini special. Ee roti ni large dish lo oka side na petti cook chestaru.

Where to find? famous roti in North India and the authentic roti cooked in Tandoor easily be found in any North Indian restaurant.

  1. Butter Naan

Butter naan ante one of the Indian Chapati, yekkuva ga North Indian dishes lo kanipistundi. Ee butter Naan kuda traditional Tandoor lane cook chestaru kani idi Indian kitchens lo modern techniques cook chestaru. Cook chesi slice of butter tho garnish cheyyadam valla dinni butter naan antaru.

Where to find? Butter Naan manaki yekkuva North Indian plate lo kanipistundi.  A favourite dish of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Delhi.

  1. Akki Roti

Ee Akki roti Southern part of India ki chedindi. Akki ante rice flour… rice flour tho cheyyadam valana diniki Akki roti ane name vachindi. Basic ga dinni Rice flour and mixed veggies tho cook chestaru. Oka traditional technique tho white cotton cloth or on a banana leaf use chesi chestaru.

Where to find? Akki roti is traditional roti from the state of Karnataka and can be found in the everyday plate of Kannada people.

  1. Lachha Paratha

Lachedar paratha’ or ‘paratwala paratha’ ani Punjabi lo antaru. Ee traditional multi-layered chapati ni simple plain flour and water tho chestaru. Oka unique way lo aa flavor enhances ayyela cook chestaru. Numerous layers tho superb taste tho untundi ee paratha.

Where to find? You can easily grab this paratha in the North India, importantly in the parts of Punjab and Delhi.

  1. Bajra Roti

Ee Bhajra roti ne Bhajra bakri ani kuda antaru. Veetini millet flour tho prepare chestaru. Veetini yekkuva ga Indian states lo Telangana villages lo chesukuntaru. Veetini modern style lo alage traditional style lo prepare chesukuntaru.

Where to find? Bajra roti is more relished in the Indian villages. It is an important dish of the authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

  1. Makki Roti  

Makki ante Corn ani meaning. Corn ni main ingredient ga use chestaru anduukane deeniki makki roti ane name vachindi. Ee roti ki main taste ingredient vachi Ajawain(vamu). Veetini kuda butter tho serve chestaru.

Where to find?  You can have the authentic bite of Makki di Roti in the Punjab state. It is an important part of the diet of people, especially in the rural Punjab area.

  1. Missi Roti

Missi Roti ni yekkuva ga diet lo unna vallu prefer chestaru. North Indian speciality ayina ee rotis ni various styles lo different ingredients use chesi chestaru. onion, garlic, methi lanti special ingredients use chestaru indulo.

Where to find? There are two styles of Missi Roti. It can be found in the plates of Rajasthani and Punjabi cuisines.

  1. Shreemal

Shreemal roti… Shreemal roti ante saffron-flavored traditional roti. Dinni special yentante water place lo warm milk ni use chesi chestaru. bit of sugar and flavor of saffron deeniki sweetened taste ni teesuku vastundi. Dinni Tandoor la or oven lo bake chestaru.

Where to find? Although the roots of Shreemal can be traced back to the middle-east Asia. However, it is fondly eaten in Lucknow and Hyderabad.

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