Here Are Some Rare & Amazing Pics Of Our Telugu Small Screen Celebrity Couples

Not only movie actors but also serial actors ni mana telugu vallu almost valla intlo manshulla treat chestuntaru. Only serial eh kakunda ee small screen actors vi evaraina, talk shows, game shows or youtube lo chusestuntaru. At the same time vila lifestyle ela untadi, valla family evaru and details ante andariki interest eh.

So here are some rare family pics of our small screen couples.…!

1. Jakhi & Haritha

1b. Jackie & Haritha1a. Jackie & Haritha2. Prabhakar & Malayaja

2a. Serial Actor Prabhakar & Family2b. Serial Actor Prabhakar & Family3. Indraneel & Meghana

3a. Indraneel & Meghana Naidu3b. Indraneel & Meghana Naidu3c. Indraneel & Meghana Naidu4. Ravi Kiran & Sushma

4a. Ravi Kiran & Sushma Family4b. Ravi Kiran & Sushma Family4c. Ravi Kiran & Sushma Family5. Madhu & Sruthi

5b. Madhu & Shruthi Singampalli5a. Madhu & Shruthi Singampalli6. Nirupam & Manjula

6c. Nirupam & Manjula6a. Nirupam & Manjula6b. Nirupam & Manjula7. Preethi Nigam & Nagesh

7b. Preethi Nigam & Nagesh7a. Preethi Nigam & Nagesh7c. Preethi Nigam & Nagesh8. Suhasini & Dharma

8b. Suhasini & Dharma

8c. Suhasini & Dharma8a. Suhasini & Dharma

9. Premi Viswanath & Vineeth Bhatt

9b. Premi Viswanath & Vineeth

Whatsapp Image 2020 07 13 At 8.09.04 Pm10. Madhu Sudhan & His Family

10a. Madhu Sudhan & His Wife10b. Madhu Sudhan & His Wife10c. Madhu Sudhan & His Wife11. Vishnu Priya & Her husband

11c. Vishnu Priya & Her Husband11a. Vishnu Priya & Her Husband11b. Vishnu Priya & Her Husband12. Ashmitha Karnani & Sudhir

12a. Ashmita & Sudhir12b. Ashmita & Sudhir12c. Ashmita & Sudhir13. Actress Sujitha & Family

13b. Actress Sujitha Husband13a. Actress Sujitha Husband14. Meghana Lokesh & Swaroop Bharadwaj

14c. Meghana Lokesh Husband14b. Meghana Lokesh Husband14a. Meghana Lokesh15. Chaitra Rai & Prasanna Shetty

15b. Chaitra Rai & Prasanna Shetty15a. Chaitra Rai & Prasanna Shetty

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