Here are somethings that make Pelli Choopulu a stand out film!


Pelli Choopulu is a film that is breaking many stereotypes of how a commercial film is made. And aa film lo dialogues Kani, acting kani are so Natura and to the point that hits reality to the core. Here are somethings that are not a part of the film and hence also standout from the usual lot.

1. There are no villains.
2. There is no so called, ‘item’ song that is considered necessary.
3. There are no full fledged action scenes.
4. There is no bloodshed climax.
5. There is no love at first sight.
6. There are no unusual, heavy sounding and blood pressure raising dialogues.
7. The hero is so unusually brilliant at cooking.
8. The heroine is so brilliantly good at business management