Here Are The 10 Best Places In Hyderabad To Satisfy Your Dessert-Cravings!


From cakes to crossaints, icecreams to milkshakes, Hyderabad has been proving successfully that it accommodates some sinful appeasement to all those with incredible sweet-tooth. Here are a few places that will give you spot-on treat for the dessert-crave in you.

1. ConcudesertsIf you want to have the ‘Hatke’ desserts, drive to this place. Macaroons, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, Mille Feuille, choux buns, tea cakes, Victoria sponge cake, pear mousse and lots more to hog on. They have unique innovations that work splendidly together and also give us an unforgettable trip.

2. Guilt Trip desertsThey have a huge range of flavours in both cupcakes and cakes. Chocolate truffle mini cupcakes, chocolate ganache pastry, royal red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting and caramel cheese cake are their best sellers. Don’t forget to try these, if you haven’t yet.

3. KavanahdesertsThis place is filled with awe and sugar! They sometimes keep it open for dessert buffet. But otherwise, they have some amazing on-menu desserts that you might go ga-ga for. Do not miss the Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bomb. It is one of its kinds!

4. LaboneldesertsThis is a perfect place to have homemade bakes. Brownies, cookies, lemon poppyseed cake, banana walnut cake, roulades and many more.

5. Crumb TowndesertsFor customized party cakes of any kind, this place gives you wide variety of options and will make the moment very special.

6. Zoey’s bakehousedesertsKnown for the high-end quality products, they make some of the best cakes. Classic chocolate, vanilla, marble cake, lemon and red velvet cakes and personalized cakes wonder you will put this on your list now.

7. Karachi BakerydesertsThey are in the market since decades and are constantly evolving with the changing time. They have yummy cupcakes and also personalized cakes.

8. Little Things8 - little thingsThey stick to their name. They have huge range of flavours and in portions that will allow you eat more in number. Their quality is so good that your guilt goes really low and makes you want to go again.

9. Van Lavino9 - vanWith extravagane not just in their superficial looks, they also got an intricate and delicious menu that contains some of the most delicious crepes. Also look out for some yummy cheese cakes. Do not forget to try it out.

10. Quattro10 - quanticoThey have revolutionized the concept of food and plating with their molecular gastronomy techniques. They serve some of the most intricate, delicious and mind-boggling desserts. They do not have just 1 signature dish, but a lot of them. Go try out now, if you haven’t yet.