Here is how to take Theertham in Temples


After any small or big puja during any occasion, Theertham and Prasadam are given to the devotees. To take this holy water, there are certain things that we must follow.

• While accepting the theertha, our palm should be folded in such a way that our index finger bends and the thumb bends over index finger. By doing like that our middle finger slightly bends forward. This is the perfect position to take Theertham.Teertham 1
• Then our right palm should be placed in our left palm both separated by a cloth. This is done inorder to let the Theertham not drop onto the floor.Teertham 2
• Some people sip the Theertham from the palm. But Theertham must be taken without making any sound and the lips should not be touched by the palm.Teertham 3
• After consuming theertha, some people rub their hands to their heads,stomach or to eyes saying that the theertha is auspicious. Performing this is not right. We should wash our hands. If there isn’t any time to wash our hands before the priest approaches us with the SHATHAGOPAM, our hands should be wiped with a cloth and the cloth should be washed immediately after going home.Teertham 4