Here Is the List of Amazing Chai Places Of Hyderabad: Part 2

Hyderabad is the home place for Irani chai in India and all the Hyderabadies love and are proud of it. Irani chai is not just chai that you drink and enjoy the taste, it’s an emotion. In part 1 of the same article we’ve listed out top chai places in Hyderabad and here are a few more that are probably located close to you which can satisfy your chai sutta break or you’re already a regular customer there.


Chai Places Of HyderabadWho does not know Paradise? You may forget anything else in Hyderabad but not our Paradise. The first things that strike in your mind as you talk about Paradise is the Biryani but the Irani chai that is served is equally amazing. Few of us enjoy the chai alone and few love their chai with a biscuit or anything as such (sides) so, for those who prefer the second option Paradise also serves delicious biscuit, puffs, Plum cakes and many more.
Address:SD Road, SappuBagh Apartment, Jogani, Ramgopalpet
Contact:040 2784 3956

Hotel Shadab

Chai Places Of HyderabadA Drive to Shadab is worth the time and not a lot of money. The history of this place is just mind-blowing, its origins in 1953 by this man named Babu Miya and after 16 years of hard work they had opened their second branch. This place has the perfect balanced taste of chai that everyone must enjoy. If you haven’t been here then it’s high time you must go!
Address: 21-1-140-144, Near High Court Road, High Court, Ghansi Bazaar
Contact:040 2456 1648

Blue Sea

Chai Places Of HyderabadIf you are taking a train to Hyderabad then you must visit Blue Sea. Morning chai and the city’s culture is what everyone must capture to live the chai moment. They don’t only serve amazing chai and they are also known for Tie Biscuit that is in the shape of a bow, Golden Tea that has Turmeric in it and Khara Biscuits. It also serves a lot of snacks that can make your tummy kush!
Address: Regimental Bazaar, Shivaji Nagar
Contact:+91 9966368068

Taiba Bakers & Confectioners

Chai Places Of HyderabadIf you are a student of JNFAU and you haven’t tasted Taiba chai then you’re probably missing out something in life. This is the most favorite chill spot of these college students.
Address:10-2-289/24, Opposite Mahaveer Hospital, Shanti Nagar Colony, Masab Tank
Contact:+91 8142732786

Shah Ghouse

Chai Places Of HyderabadShah Ghouse initially started in 1984 in Imbliban. In Hyderabad, everyone loves Shah Ghouse and its popularly known for its Sharwarma, Biryani and Chai. The Gachibowli branch started in 2014/15 but the Tolichowki branch existed from 2009.
Address: 8-191/15, Opposite Bio Diversity Park, Raidurgam, Gachibowli Main Road, Gachibowli
Contact: +91 9849712351

After getting to know so much about the Chai’s that are served in Hyderabad, you must be craving for it already and do not waste your chai breaks.


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