Here is the science behind touching feet of elders


Evaraina elders ni kalisthe or occasions ki mana intlo parents ki or vere evaraina elders feet ni touch chesi blessings teeskuntam. They shower good wishes and give us blessings to help us fulfill our dreams. Asalu what is the whole thing behind touching feet?2 touching feet of elders

Mana motham human body is rested on our feet. Mana feet strong ga unte we are strong. Hence, bending down to touch someone’s feet will wash away all the ego and will also indicate that we respect the opposite person’s age. Manam pada sparshana chese vaallu mukhyanga elders, lecturers, pujaris, parents and grandparents untaru. These people lo chaala positive virtues untayi due to their knowledge and experiences in life. vaalla experiences and learnings valla they have a lot of insight into truths of life. ilanti truths manaki blessings laaga osthe, we are benefitted with every kind of happiness and endowment.3 touching feet of elders

Mana hands ni vaalla legs ki touch avvadam valla there is a closed circuit established between those seeking the blessings and those blessing them. The result is a highly positive energy flowing from their feet to the other person transferring a lot of good will and healing energy. Aa pedda vaallu stretch their hands to touch the upper part of the head of the person with a gesture of blessing. This connection forms yet another circuit again transferring energy and blessings.4 touching feet of elders