Here Know The Soulful Meaning Of The Famous “Malare” Song from Premam


By Sona

There was an era when songs were meant to be lyrically meaningful. The late 80s and the early 90s almost lost its path if it wasn’t for the saviours like Ilayaraja and Rahman. Rahman literally changed the dynamics of the quality of songs that were being made; it was not only lyrically meaningful but also beautifully composed.

Some songs just freezed in time. The songs from Roja that fetched him his first national award is one such example. Then comes in line Premikudu, Naani, Donga Donga Rang De Basanti…. the list just goes on. Music was slowly taken seriously. It was studied closely and many composers emerged with lot of meaningful compositions. It is now a banquet. A beautiful spread of music.

Music and it’s lovers for the fact know that music knows no language. When the gist of the content is soulful there is nothing that can be more over whelming and heart soothing. Malare for instance is one such song that will set your senses free. Beautifully written and composed there are no flaws that one could point out. The lyrics and the meaning is like the fresh dew in the dawn pure and beautiful as it goes.

For all the Premam lovers out there, here we have broken down the lyrics for your  better understanding.

Malare 1Malare 4Malare 3Malare 2

Malare 5

Malare 6Malare 7

Malare 8Malare 9


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