Here we are sharing some tips for passengers who are planning to travel on long flights


At one point of time long journeys chala bore kodutayi, that too flight aite chepanavasaramla. Full irritation annamata. Alanti time inka elanti ibbandi lekunda and to make it more comfortable and interesting, we need to carry these things.

1. Electronic gadgets:tips for passengersLaptops or tablets, phone, charger, earphones, tickets, passport, and wallet with all necessary cards.

2. To have a good sleep:tips for passengersDon’t forget to carry, eye mask, neck pillow, cozy socks, scarf and lightweight sweater.

3. For Hygiene Travelling:tips for passengersKoncham hygiene ga undadaniki, carry a deodorant, mist, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, face wash and kavalsina medicines kuda.

4. Entertainment:tips for passengersMagazines, Novels, Kindle and ipod

5. Reusable water bottle:tips for passengers