Here’s A Secret Trick To Prepare Perfect French Fries!

French fries are the perfect party snacks and starters. I mean common when was the last time any of us went to the restaurant or had a house party and did not eat French fries? Never, right? But, have you ever tried preparing French fries at home? If you did and often fail in getting the fast-food style crunchiness to your fries, here are a few tricks for you to ace those French fries at home.

French Fries

  • The best fries are always made with potatoes that have minimal moisture and high starch content. This will give your fries that extra crunchy kick.
  • Peel your potatoes into proper thin slices as this extra-thick slices can get soggy and might also absorb too much oil making them mushy or burnt. So avoid thick slices of potatoes.
  • Soak your potatoes in a water and vinegar mixture. This will add a salty flavour to your fries making them even more delicious.

French Fries

  • Dry your potatoes. Ensure your potatoes don’t have any water or vinegar when you are frying them. This will make them crispy and also will avoid any splitter-splatter of the oil.
  • Do not over fry your fries. Sometimes, in order to make the fries crunchier and crispier, we tend to over fry them. So don’t do that as your fries will lose the flavour if you overcook them.
  • Soak the oil completely and season your fries when they are hot. If the oil is not completely soaked, the fries will become mushy and if you season once the fries get cold, the flavours won’t stick to the fries.

French FriesSo here is your ultimate guide to cooking Perfect French Fries at home.


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