Here’s Everything Google Announced For India


Tech giant Google announced few interesting announcements for India in its latest “Google for India” third edition in New Delhi.0 Here’s Everything Google Announced For IndiaDecember 5th “Google for India” Event held in New Delhi by Tech giant Google the company showed glimpses of plans by Google which are exclusively for India and they are first time the world launching only for India because India is the largest User base for Google soon all the updates will be aired to other countries too.

Here we go Announcements from Google

1) Android Oreo Go Edition1 Here’s Everything Google Announced For IndiaAndroid is the largest operating system in India where in other countries there will some clash between Android and iOS but in India it is proved that Android Operating system is the largest user base so they decided to launch “Android Oreo” to all low end smartphones too with an upgraded lower version Oreo with the name “Android Oreo Go” where this phones can run faster than the present version of Oreo due to pre-installed apps are freezed into below 20MB per Application and Start up of application also faster when compared to latest Android and this edition is speacially made only for the smartphones with 512MB to 1GB Ram sized phones.

2) Google Tez App gets huge upgrade.2 Here’s Everything Google Announced For IndiaGoogle Tez App got into light in the early September 2017 where it scored 12 Million user base with in short period and has completed 140 million transactions with its attractive fast and intelligent transactions where indians got attracted to Scratch cards. Now Google announced that they are going to launch an update to Tez with bill payments. now people can pay bills like Electricity, Internet, Telecom, Water bills and etc by linking with Airtel, Act, Bescom, DishTv and Google can also has an option to fetch up all the unpaid bills on your mobile number and reminds you to pay.

3) Google Assistant support to Reliance Jio feature Phone3 Here’s Everything Google Announced For IndiaNow the Reliance Jio phone can able to fetch up all the things whatever you need via Google Assistant, as it is not an Android phone but it can do many things just like a Smartphone like Movies on the go, sharing internet via hotspot and many things, with all this attractive features on Jio phone google released Google Assistant update to Jio phones.

4) Two wheeler mode in Google maps4 Here’s Everything Google Announced For IndiaGoogle found that India is the largest country with huge two-wheeler base, so decided to launch Motorcycle Mode in India at its first attempt in Google maps by showing the estimated time and calculated short distances where two wheelers can move up in shortcut, for the first Google launched Motorcycle Mode in Google maps in India and People stay updated with iOS and Android Google Maps App for the latest features.

5) Google Files Go5 Here’s Everything Google Announced For IndiaGoogle announced there will be a pre-installed App named “Files Go” on every Android device which is a Files app which will reduce the space in the phones by throwing out the catchy files and unused data to Junk in Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and etc. Google justifies that this App will make your phones faster than before because it has an ability to detect malware and catchy files on Applications running with huge storage. No more battery savers and Virus killers apps on Android phone.

And finally time wrap up and these are the things Google announced for India and only for India and go try out the features released by Google and write us your view in the comments section below. stay up to dated with Wirally Tech to know more tech stories.