Here’s How To Store Food Items During Monsoon Season

Monsoon season raganey germs inka infections kuda isthai, ee season lo food degara we should be very careful. Chala varaku food items, cook chesina food monsoon season lo easy ga spoil avuthundi. Climate lo moisture content yekuvaga undadam valla germs, microorganisms breeding yekuvaga untundi. Ee germs food particles, vegetables, fruits pyna yekuvaga cheri food ni unhealthy chesthai. Ee food items ni ee season lo fresh ga unchukovali antey there are few simple tips to store your food items. Check out this article for more updates.

1. Spices:


Spices open-air ki expose aythey vatilo unna fragrance, flavour inka taste change aayyi spoil avuthai. Kani ee spices ni retain chesi fresh ga unchukovali antey spices in sun dry leda slight ga dry roast cheskoni airtight containers lo store cheskovali.

2. Milk And Milk Products:


Monsoon season lo microorganisms breeding yekuvaga milk inka milk products pyna undi ee products ni contaminate chesthai. Ee products fresh ga undali antey good containers inka yepudu fridge lo store cheskovali.

3. Salt And Sugar:

3-Salt and Sugar

Salt inka sugar climate lo unna moisture ni easy absorb cheskuntai, eela salt inka sugar soggy aayi actual texture ni loose cheskuntaru. Eelanti problems avoid cheyali antey just keep your salt and sugar in airtight containers to avoid such problems.

4. Vegetables: 


Vegetables easy a spoil avuthai, normal ga vegetables plastic covers lo store cheyadam avoid chesi, start using newspaper to store your fresh vegetables.

5. Bread: 


Bread ee season lo chala east ga spoil ayyi fungus osthundi. So better keep your bread in the fridge to avoid such problems.

6. Coffee And Tea Powder:


Moisture content coffee inka tea powder taste inka texture ni reduce chesthundi. So always store these powder in airtight jars or keep them in the refrigerator.

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