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Here’s How You Can Make Tomato Pachidi Instantly At Home


Tomato Pachidi is a famous Andhra recipe made using tomatoes, chillies, spices & tamarind, the pachidi has a tangy and nutty taste and is popular side dish eaten along with rice, South India has a rich history of Pickles, with different regions having their own unique style of making pickles and pachidis, though the preparation process might be different, the essence is still the same, you can easily make this Tomato Pachidi at home as it does not require any drying process like other pickles and is instant, in this article, we will be taking a look at how you can prepare this delicious pachidi


  • Tomatoes
  • Curry leaves
  • Dry Red Chilli
  • Coriander leaves
  • Asafoetida
  • Salt
  • Jeera
  • Mustard
  • Red Chilli Powder
  • Turmeric
  • Jeera Powder


In a pan heat some oil and add 1tbsp jeera, 1tbsp mustard, few red chillies, and 1tsp asafoetida and sauté them

Now add 1 cup of chopped tomatoes and curry leaves, and cook them for 5 to 10 minutes on medium flame with the lid closed

Now add salt, 1tbsp red chilli powder, 1tbsp jeera powder, and 1tbsp turmeric and mix all the ingredients well

Cook for another 2 minutes and garnish the pachidi with coriander leaves

Your tangy Tomato Pachidi is now ready to be served

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