Here is the age of our favourite Tech companies.


We are in the generation where humans are working under machines and technology tied us to Smart devices meanwhile we humans discovered technology to make our things easier and day-by-day technology got replaced our lives too.

Today we have many resources like Social Media platforms to showcase our lives and stay connected with our friends and to promote our businesses and we have many Web platforms like Google, Bing, Explorer and Mozilla etc. and Video Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar etc. and we have IT Companies where we are working together and earning, Companies like Hardware, Software every component of technology is important to our lives.

Undoubtedly I can say that today we are all depended on Technology, without all these smart initiatives today we are nothing and Each and every Tech company is our favorite and we are hardly in love with them.

Here are our Favourite Tech Companies with Age.

1) Snapchat – 7 Yearstech companies2) Uber – 9 Yearstech companies3) Twitter – 12 Yearstech companies4) Facebook – 14 Yearstech companies5) Tesla – 15 Yearstech companies6) Google – 20 Yearstech companies7) Netflix – 21 Yearstech companies8) Amazon – 24 Years8 Favourite Tech Companies9) Apple – 42 Years9 Favourite Tech Companies10) Intel – 50 Years10 Favourite Tech Companies11) HP – 79 Years 11 Favourite Tech Companies12) Disney – 95 Years12 Favourite Tech Companies13) IBM – 107 Years13 Favourite Tech Companies

Well, I hope all these Tech companies are your favorite and mine too, Do write us in the Comments section below if you have any questions, Stay tuned to Wirally Tech for more Tech Stories.

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