Here’s Why Mahesh Babu Is The Biggest ‘Rama Bhakthudu’ In Telugu Cinema


Once a festival dawns, all the celebration and hungama is around the God whom the festival is associated with. This is a common phenomenon. The beauty of Indian festivals lies here itself. For every occasion there is lot of pomp and grandeur. So, when we were thinking about how to connect Lord Rama and Telugu cinema, the first thing that flashed our mind was Mahesh Babu.

We do not know how, but some instints looks very similar with Mahesh Babu and Lord Rama. The silent and composed nature he carries or the single minded devotion he carries, Mahesh Babu seriously fits the term ‘Srimanthudu‘.

So here check out why Mahesh Babu is the biggest Rama Bhakthudu.

Firstly he is the only modern day hero to have songs on Lord Rama in two of his movies:


The ever famous song – Alanati Ramachandrudu


References to Ramayana

Athadu – Comparing his relationship with friend Ramana with that of Rama and Hanuman


SVSC – The ultimate defining scene is in Lord Rama’s temple, Badrachalam.

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