Ever Wondered How Tall Are Heroines Are? Well We Got You Covered Bro..!!

You know, it’s been a wonderful blessing for our nation, to have Actresses who impress with their acting prowess. However it is also a fact that height plays a major role in deciding one’s career path. You need a certain to look good in those high blasting dance moves with Hrithik or those tear jerking tracks with Shah Rukh, and that is achived ( mostly by visual trickery ) by the height of the female lead. Also with the advent of action films like Dhoom, Bang Bang, Mary Kom etc, height is not just a luxury. It is afterall a necessity. So let’s see how our heroines measure against the inches scale…And no Deepika Padukone is not the tallest..

Alia Bhatt – The Petite actress measures just above 5..!


Anushka Sharma – Oh She’s Tall Allright ( Doesn’t Look That Much Though )..!

Anushka Sharma

There’s A Reason Why Deepika Was Cast As Mastani..!

Deepika Padukone

This ABCD2 Girl Is Pretty Tall For Swag..!

Shraddha Kapoor

Watch Out For The Quantico Star..Incoming !

Priyanka Chopra

Well The Younger And Cuter Sis Chopra Is An Inch Behind Didi..! 

Parineeti Chopra

I’m A Kat Person For All Her Height….!

Katrina kaif

Sona Is Tall…She Well Doesn’t Look Like It…!

sonakshi sinha

The Powerhouse Actress Is Not Much Tall Isn’t It ??

Vidya Balan

Ladies And Gentlemen, We’ve Got Our Champion…!

Sonam Kapoo (1)


So that was our take.

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