Some Shocking & Hidden Facts About Hyderabad’s 1948 Massacre Under The Nizam Rule

Manam school books lo news paper lo vacche news lo, tv lo chuse varthalu okkosari manaki konni nijalanu dasthayi. Ila Hyderbad lo 1948 lo jarigina Liberation moment appatlo oka pedda violence ni create chesindi. Aa violence ekkadi varaku vellinid ante 27,000 people chanipoye varaku vellinidi…

Hyderabad 1948 Massacre gurinchi manam chadivina books lo kani, ledha TV lo kani eppudu vini undamu anduku chala reasons unnayi. Assala intha pedda massacre enduku jarigindi ? assla entha mandi chanipoyaru anedi oo sari teluskundha padandi..

1.Hyderabad is one of the princely state of 500 states under British governance in India till Independence. But Soon after Independence, all states were interested to join to become a part of India but not Hyderabad.

1. 1948 Hydreabad India Massacre2.Nizam’s are not interested in Hyderabad as part of India; they want to remain separate until 1948 Liberation of Hyderabad moment has begun.

2. 1948 Hydreabad India Massacre3.People in Hyderabad refused and protested the Nizam rule and started the Hyderabad Liberation Moment. After this hatred act Nizam’s decided to suppress the people with the Razakar Army, the armed wing of Hyderabad’s most powerful Muslim political party, were terrorising many Hindu villagers.

3. 1948 Hydreabad India Massacre4.Thus how vi;lolence started in Hyderabad and spread it to the corners of India. Jawahar Lal Nehru who was prime minister then, decided to take action and sent indian Army forces to Hyderabad to clear things.

4. 1948 Hydreabad India Massacre5.Bit it is too late and already huge loss and lives estimated 27,000+ Hyderabadi were killed in Razakar Army attack.

5. 1948 Hydreabad India Massacre6.Nizam’s miselaeded the massacre as a “police action”, the Nizam’s forces were defeated after just a few days without any significant loss of civilian lives. But word then reached Delhi that arson, looting and the mass murder and rape of Muslims had followed the invasion..

6. 1948 Hydreabad India Massacre7.Nehru also appointed a mixed-faith committee under Pandit Sundar Lal, Qazi Abdul Ghaffar, and Maulana Abdulla Misri to investigate and submit a report on the matter and the report remain confidential until 2013..

7. 1948 Hydreabad India Massacre8.In 2013, Historian Sunil Purushotham from the University of Cambridge filed a petition to obtain a copy of the Sunderlal Report on Hyderabad Massacre. Then this Hyderabad Massacre of 1948 came to limelight after the petition.

8 1948 Hydreabad India Massacre

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