Eega TO Dasara: Top 10 Highest-Rated Movies Of Nani On IMDb

Eega TO Dasara: Top 10 Highest-Rated Movies Of Nani On IMDb

Natural Star Nani ee peru lo ne edo magic undi. Assistant director ga start ayyi, Asta Chamma tho hero ga entry ichi, hits meedha hits koduthu families-youth-ladies andariki connect aina hero Nani. He is one of the best performers in TFI. Hope he delivers many more blockbusters and become much bigger star than what he is today.

And ivala Nani act chesina movies lo best IMDb rating unna movies evo chuddam, and ee movies ni daati Dasara highest rating saadinchi, top film ga Nani career lo untunda! Chudali mari…

Let’s take a look at the top 10 highest-rated IMDb films of Nani

1. Jersey (2019)

IMDb rating: 8.5

A failed cricketer decides to revive his cricketing career in his late 30’s despite everyone being skeptical of his ability to do so.

2. Eega (2012)

IMDb rating: 7.7

A murdered man is reincarnated as a housefly and seeks to avenge his death.

3. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy (2015)

IMDb rating: 7.7

An easily distracted scientist (Nani) goes to great lengths to make sure that his girlfriend (Lavanya Tripati) and her family members don’t find out about his mental condition.

4. Pilla Zamindar (2011)

IMDb rating: 7.7

PJ has to go through a rough journey of living like a common man and graduating from a village-based college to inherit his grandfather’s wealth.

5. Ala Modalaindi (2011)

IMDb rating: 7.7

On the day of his girlfriend’s marriage, Gautam gets kidnapped by an unknown criminal. Bored on the way to the kidnapper’s den, Gautam is forced to narrate his cute love story which is filled with loads of twists and turns.

6. Shyam Singha Roy (2021)

IMDb rating: 7.7

Centers in the theme of reincarnation, unfolding in Kolkata and Hyderabad.

7. Gang Leader (2019)

IMDb rating: 7.6

Nani plays the gang leader of five women belonging to different age groups, helping them to plot revenge.

8. Ante Sundharaniki (2022)

IMDb rating: 7.6

A Hindu Brahmin falls for a Christian girl and they both lie to their parents, only for their lies to be revealed.

9. Yevade Subramanyam (2015)

IMDb rating: 7.5

A man who is overly focused on long-term career goals is exposed to the opposite attitude in a friend who believes in living life to the fullest rather than sacrificing present joy for future success.

10. Ninnu Kori (2017)

IMDb rating: 7.5

Two lovers, Pallavi and Uma get separated by circumstances but reconnect years later when Pallavi is happily married to someone else.

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