Hijab Vs Saffron: The Religious Chaos Among Karnataka Students Explained In 9 Points

Ninna monnati varaku India lo religious chaos ante Hindu-Muslim, Hindu-Christians and all other religions madhya undevi. Some religious organization leaders, politicians, political parties and temples, mosques and churches ee religious chaos, matters lo involve ayyevi.

Ippudu ee religious chaos anevi schools, colleges and students ki spread ainayi. Ee religious thing ki title card padindi Karnataka Udupi college lo. EE college lo Muslim girls class loki Hijabs tho ravadam…Prinicipal adi condemn to Hijab issue kastha Hijab Vs Saffron issue ga mari entire nation attention ni grab chesindi.

Assala Ee Hijab vs Saffron issue ela start aindi ippudu ekkada undi ante…

1. The Hijab row began on January 1, 2022, when a few Muslim students at Udupi Women’s Pre-University college attended classes wearing hijab.

2. Rudra Gowda, The Principal of the college denied their entry and said “the rule was being followed to ensure uniformity in the classroom”. Then Girls protested at the gate to enter but the Principal didn’t allow them to do so.

3. Surprisingly, in no time the Hijab movement started in few other Karnataka schools & colleges after many Muslim girls started attending classes wearing hijab.

4. On January 3rd, a few students from the Hindu community in Karnataka’s Koppa district attended classes with saffron scarves and protested against Muslim students not wearing hijabs in the classrooms.

5. Following this, students of the government college in Balagadi village wore saffron scarves and said that if hijab was allowed, then saffron scarves needed to be allowed too.

6. Hijab Vs Saffron row spread across other schools & colleges in Karnataka. A meeting was held on January 19th between students, parents, and government officials of the state-run PU College in Karnataka’s Udupi.

7. On January 26, the Karnataka government called for an expert committee to resolve the issue. However, a petition was filed in the Karnataka High Court by a Muslim girl student from Udupi seeking a declaration that wearing a hijab is a fundamental right.

8. Some students from the Hindu community wore Saffron Shawls in Shivamogga’s MV Government college & pre-university college classrooms in Udupi.

9. Schools are supposed to be a learning place where students from all religions should learn together but not for some religious preaching centers & chaos.

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