Hilarious matrimonial profiles


India lo wedding cheskovadam is a very big achievement. Kondarki achievement authe kondarki necessity. Evari emotions vaallavi and aa emotions ni express cheyyadam is in their hands. Ala pelli cheskovadaniki chaala tippalu padutu finally matrimonial sites lo veltharu and akada introductions, requirements kontha mandi entha funny ga raastharo chudandi.. matrimonial eh ladu..newspapers kuda!!

1. i want very simple girl. from brahmin educated family from orissa state he is also know about RAMAYAN, GEETA BHAGABATA, and other homework
Homework aa ??? parent teacher meeting lantivi emi undava andi??1

2. Wanted good looking, educated, homely girl aged above 32 years from respectable business family for a North Indian / Agarwal boy / Graduate / Issueless / Innocent Divorcee / Dec’67 / 5’4’’ .
Innocent divorcee aaaaaa :O2

3. Jai Sri Krishna. My self Tarun, I am working as Deputy Manager, I am like party animal, I am looking for outdoor girl who not part of this culture, but she should not accompany me. She should also be having job and decent package. Caste, colour, education, horoscope no bar. She should know Gujarati cuisines. If interested mail me.
Entandi idi… idi pelli lantidi kani pelli kadu laaga undi3

4. i love my patner i marriage the patner ok i search my patner and I love the patner ok thik hai the patner has a graduate ok.
Ok. Ok. Thik hain. We understand your desperation!!!4

5. my name is farhanbegum and i am unmarried. pleaes you marrige me
pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes
Dear begum ji, you do not have to ‘please’ so much. Pelli avvali ani andaram mokkutam!5

6. I want a girl with no drinks if she wants she can wear jeans in house but while stepping out of house she should give respect to our cast.
Ummm… cast …respect .. jeans!! What is this andi ??6

7. Hi, am Yashoda, I passed my marriageable age, I seek for the perfect match for me. The boy should be long in height, He can have long hairs also, but he should not have animals in house. Everything else is ok, north and west Indian please excuse me. If you are my man, I long for your partnership. I you want we can chat on facebook also, you can poke me if you want.
Eyy.. you naughty girl!!!7

8. Hello Good morning, myself Ridhima and I am looking for a suitable groom, who will never call me any pet name. Boy should strictly remember that he don’t call me PUMPKIN, HONEY, SUGAR any other sweet name because I am not a desert. The boy should understand that I know calling me any pet name means forgetting me and giving me different personality. He should also keep in mind that comparing me with HER toy will not be tolerated. He should never call me TEDDY, KITTY, DOLLY because I am not going to play with him. Only interested MAILS(Males) can apply with resume.
Life is definitely not about calling you with some name, girl!!!!!! And the Mail-Male thing is just extraordinary.8

9. Age 32, MBA, Own house + Business, seeks a bubbly tamil girl (non-facebook user)
Instagram and twitter aithe ok na boss??9

10. Let the last one be a kirraaak one!!!
The very newspapers that publish these hilarious matrimony ads have caught on to the joke. They have now started trolling each other over poorly written matrimonial ads.The Hindu decided to publish this ad in The Times of India.10