These Hilarious Mauka Mauka Ads Were Favourite For Every OG Cricket Fan- Check To See If You Missed Any

India vs Pakistan is not just a match it’s an emotion. Kasepu match sanghati pakkana pedithe aa match ki already unna curiosity ni peaks lo ki teesukuelthai Mauka Mauka ads……

Mauka Mauka ads ki oka separate following undi, funny way lo creative ga ee ads ni bhale design chestaru. So ivala past lo vachina Mauka Mauka ads, ni list chestunnam, take a look

1. Mauka Mauka – India vs Pakistan (ICC World Cup 2015)

2. ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021

3. Mauka Mauka – India vs Bangladesh (ICC World Cup 2015)

4. Mauka Mauka – India vs Pakistan (ICC World Cup 2016)

5. ICC CWC ’19: India vs Pakistan

6. Mauka Mauka – India vs Ireland (ICC World Cup 2015)

7. Mauka Mauka – India vs South Africa (ICC World Cup 2015)

8. Mauka Mauka – India vs West Indies (ICC World Cup 2015)

Pakistan’s reply to Mauka Mauka aa rojullo…

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