Himesh Is Back!! Trailer For ‘Tera Suroor’ Seems Drunk AF


Himesh Reshammiya at one point, ruled the country’s music charts.

His songs were played in clubs, bars, discos, weddings, birthday parties, and in Goa. He was releasing albums, making music for movies, and starring in them. He also starred in a few big budget films, including a remake of Karz, called Karzzzzzz. And his debut film Aap ka Suroor, starring a very young Hansika Motwani.

The film didn’t really set the box office on fire, but Himesh Reshammiya pretty much faded into the background after that. His films sank, the albums dried up, and he wasn’t making music for films anymore.

But all that can rest. HIMESH IS BACK!!

After all these years, Himesh’s new films, a sequel to the film, is out. The trailer has Himesh looking like a pirated, Gujarati version of Rambo, along with his trademark tunes that had taken the whole nation by storm a few years ago. Here’s the trailer: