Holi Is Here But Before That Checkout The Rules Of Hyd Cops Which Will Make You Scream ‘WHAT THE HELL’

Holi ee festival vastundi ante chalu small age group kids nundi old age group people varaku andaru excite avutharu. Intlo vallatho, friends tho relatives tho ila andaritho kalisi colors aduthu chese masti and fun ee festival ni migatha festivals tho veru chestundi anduke andariki ee festival ante istam.

holi festival Rules & Regulations

Kakapothe kondaru ee holi festival ni advantage ga tiskoni akatayi veshalu, road mida velle ammailatho, senior citizens tho konchem rude ga behave cheyadam, vaallaki istam lekunda colors veyadam lantivi chestuntaru.

Ilanti vallani, veellu chese akatayi panulani control cheyadanike mana Hyderabad police lu every year konni rules and regulations notification release chestaru. Ala ee year kuda chesaru avento ipudu chuseddam.

1. No annoying and nuisance things at all.

holi festival Rules & Regulations

Throwing colour or coloured water on persons, places and Vehicles or smearing people with colour, on public roads and public places in Hyderabad City, causing annoyance.

2. Two wheelers mida groups ga tiragoddu.

holi festival Rules & Regulations

Prohibit movement of two wheelers and other vehicles in groups on streets and public places disturbing peace and order and or causing inconveniences, annoyance or danger to public

3. No liquor for two days huh.

holi festival Rules & Regulations

This order shall be in force from 06:00 hours on 20-03-2019 to 06:00 hours on 22-03-2019 in connection with celebration of “Holi Festival”.

The Public are hereby informed that any person violating the above order shall be liable for prosecution for violation under Sec. 76 of “The Hyderabad City Police, Act 1348 Fasli.”

Ayya enti ee rules ani titukovaddu….happy ga and safe ga colors adandi, enjoy cheyandi.

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