Home Remedies For Smooth And Shiny Hair


Having a smooth, shiny and healthy hair is what every woman  dreams of. Whatever type of hair it may be a short ,long , curly, smooth and shiny hair due to various factors that we are surrounded by doesn’t allow us to fulfill this shiny hair desire. These luxury hair treatments cost us thrice our living.Here we are with these simple home remedies which makes our life easy.

Silky Hair


Eggs are among the best ingredients that help us in providing nourishment to our hair. They make hair shine as well. Here is a simple thing you can try with eggs to make your hair shine healthy and beautiful.

  • Take one egg white and mix one tablespoon of olive oil and another tablespoon of honey
  • Make it as a smooth paste
  • Apply this paste in the scalp and the damp hair
  • Let it dry for about 30 minutes
  • Then rinse and wash hair thoroughly with shampoo with cool water

Rinsing your hair with hot water after applying egg mask should be avoided.

Silky Hair

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is among the best options that have been in use since a very long time and our elders even feel good if we use it for our hair. And it actually has a lot of good effects. 

  • Apply warm coconut oil in your hair right from the roots to ends 
  • Massage your hair for a few minutes 
  • Then wrap it up and leave it for about 30 minutes
  • Rinse it thoroughly using shampoo and then apply conditioner.

Silky Hair




Hibiscus is very much useful for a healthy hair as it helps in hair growth and reduces grey hair and hair fall as well. It adds a soft glow to hair.

  • Soak a few Hibiscus leaves for about 15 minutes.
  • Squeeze out the gel from the leaves into a separate bowl.
  • Apply the extracted gel to your hair and leave it to dry for about an hour.
  • Wash out the hair using shampoo

Do try these simple home hacks and get shiny hair. 

Silky Hair