Horrifying Accident Of A Car Crushed Between Two Trucks Kills 5 Near Nizambad


A hasty overtaking claimed lives of five people after their car was crushed between two trucks in Kamareddy, Telangana. In the horrific accident, which has been caught on camera, the car is seen overtaking a truck from the left side at a crossing.

The car was trying to overtake a truck on its right but failed to do so and in turn got squeezed after it collided with another truck that was zooming from the opposite side

The car was sandwiched between the two vehicles and was completely crushed resulting in the death of a family that was travelling in it.

The deceased included two children and a women who all died instantly. Police had to bring in JCBs and earth movers to retrieve the bodies. Those in the truck have been injured and admitted to a nearby hospital.

The unfortunate accident was recorded through the CCTV installed on the Kamareddy Highway.