Raking The 5 Hottest Sauces In The World!

Sauces make a dish complete. Most of our favourite evening munchies require sauce with it. From hot wings to bread pakodas we need sauce with almost everything. They add a certain flavour to the food make it even enticing.
But when we talk of sauces, is it is not just restricted to chilly sauces or soy sauces. Here are 5 sauces which are supposedly the spiciest in the world. And, if you love sauces, you must check out these really hot.


1 Hottest Sauces In The WorldSiracha is one of the hottest and popular sauces across the globe. Siracha is a sauce basically made from chilli peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. It is the peppers and vinegar which creates magic. Addictive and nice, Siracha is a must-have for those who love the spice.


2 Hottest Sauces In The WorldTabasco sauce is quite popular and is used in making pizzas, pasta, as toppings and also to cook. A hot sauce made from Tabasco peppers and kinds of vinegar, this is more flavourful than spicy. Fun fact about this sauce is that you can make it at home and as Tabasco peppers can be cultivated in home farms too.


3 Hottest Sauces In The WorldPeri-peri sauces and spices do not need any introduction. We have been consuming them for several decades now. Originating from Africa, peri-peri is also known as African Bird’s Eye Chili. Made with red peppers, smoked peppers, garlic, olive oil and basil, peri-peri sauce is a flavour bomb and how. It literally adds flavour and spice instantly to any food item.

4.Hot Chilli

4 Hottest Sauces In The WorldCan there be anything spicier than chillies? No, right? Hot Chilli sauce is a combination of chillies, herbs and other spices. While the herbs add the flavour to the sauce, the chillies add a certain kick and spice to it. A must-have ingredient to make your food spicier.

5.Bhut Jolokia

5 Hottest Sauces In The WorldHow can, we Indians, from the land of Bhut Jolokia not talk about Bhut Jolokia sauce? Notorious for its extreme spice levels, this sauce is prepared with ghost peppers or Bhut Jolokia peppers grown in the North-Eastern parts of India. They are considered as one of the spiciest peppers in the world, you mustn’t try the sauce if your spice tolerance levels are low.

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