Housefull 3 – Only One Word Can Summarize This Trailer — “AVOID”


In the last decade hindi cinema had quite evolved and there’s been lots of experimentations in terms of exploring new genres.  They have succeeded in making some great serious films and message driven films but in terms of pure humour we have been in a road to degradation since last decade. Gone are the days of Golmaal, Angoor even Andaaz Apna Apna. With films like Housefull, Ready we have somehow mis-replaced the word “moronic” with “slapstick”. With Humshakal and Entertainment not getting huge appreciation we believed that there’s respite from all this debauchery we are dished with this horrific Housefull 3 ☹

With Akshay showing tremendous improvement with his latest choice of films (Special 26,OMG,Baby, Airlift, upcoming Rustom) there was a mild hope that he would have tried to infuse some innovation within slapstick. But with director duo being Farhan-Saajid the hopes were dwindling and my fear wasn’t wrong. Neither have they seemed to learn anything from their previous insult called “Entertainment” nor they seem to bother after last two Saajid Khan debacles. This Housefull 3 trailer looks like a Humshakal 2 to be put in mildly. The same concept of an Indian millionaire in London with three daughters and their misadventure with three heroes tied in a same house. Boman Irani seem to be losing his sheen by repeating himself and as usual he is made to look more like a buffoon than a millionaire. The actress’ wears skimpy clothes and that’s all while the actors hams out to glory. Akshay Kumar is back with his tomfoolery but his split personality doesn’t evoke any laughter while Ritesh Deshmukh looks disinterested. Abhishek Bachchan is the new face of recent loud comic multi-starrers where his only job is to make some weird faces.

A trailer of a supposed comedy film failing to raise any laughter is surely a worrying sign or maybe I am not the target audience. The only one dialogue which brought smile in me was the one where Akshay croons to hearing 5000 cr “itne loan khud ke liye lete hai desh ke liye nehi” thus reminding of Vijaya Mallya. May be we can threaten the kingfisher baron to come back to India by bombarding him with Dvds of this Humshakal 2..err..Houesfull 3…

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