How can you deal with your daily mood swings?


Everyone has mood swings, from women to men, andharam sometimes we just can’t handle ourselves.
Especially girls ki chaala mood swings untaayi.
Here are few things you can do when you have serious mood swings
Just go for a walk:mood swings Alone ga elandi oka walk ki, if you have a dog take it along.
Take a nap: mood swingsPadukondi, nothing is better than having a powerful sleep
Eat what you like: mood swingsFood makes everything better, eat whatever you want to it will make you feel better
Meet your best friend/ lover:4 - frnd Meeru ekkuva evar ayithey close untaaro valatho speak your heart out.
Listen to music:5 - music Mee favourite songs vinandi, mee mood ni relax chestadi.