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How Comedy Nights With Kapil became India’s No.1 Show


Ever since the show’s first episode was aired in June 2013, Kapil Sharma became an overnight celebrity. His immaculate comic timing made him a household name. From working as one of the many comedians in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge to being ranked No.3 in the Most Admired Indian Personality list by the Economic Times in 2015, Kapil Sharma has come a long way. Due to health reasons Kapil will no longer be able to host Comedy Nights with Kapil. Here are the reasons why Kapil’s show went on to become India’s most popular show:




This signature phrase has become the highlight of the show. ‘Babaji ka thullu’ which has become synonymous with nothing, has found a way into the everyday dialect of followers of the show. The unique style of saying the phrase is hard to replicate. We shall miss this regular dose of Kapil’s ‘Babaji Ka Thullu’. Kapil patented such terms, making them instant trademarks for his show.




The reel life ‘nok-jhoke’ between Kapil Sharma and his wife is endearing and funny at the same time. The jokes on her lip size and her family were some of the highlights during all the episodes. Kapil has his own style and timing for these ‘big lip’ jokes. At times he just mentions the wife’s lips and the rest is well understood and laughed on by the followers of the show. That is the classic showcase of a trademark talent. We wonder if the replacement will be able to carry this forward like Kapil.




Traditionally, shows had guests answering serious questions by the host. However, with Comedy Nights With Kapil, Kapil adopted a colloquial, conversational style. Over the course of two years, the who’s who of Hindi cinema have graced the show.  Sports personalities too have been on the show and have enjoyed Kapil work his magic. The ease that Kapil shares with these well-known personalities is a treat. We shall miss the ease and the subsequent tricky questions they feel comfortable answering when Kapil asks them.




Kapil is not only a magnificent host and a great comedian, but also a singing sensation. He sometimes would open the episode with a song or would break into a song in the middle of the show to make the celebrities dance to his tunes. The highlight was when the evergreen Rekha and Kapil sang a song together on the show. The audience broke into a thundering applause. How we wish Kapil would enthral us a little more with his singing abilities!



The popularity of Kapil Sharma has reached such heights due to Comedy Nights with Kapil that he was offered the lead role by director duo Abbas-Mastan in a movie with Elli Avram. Subsequently, Kapil was seen never missing out an opportunity to promote his film through the show’s platform. He has an endearing way of doing this and the followers of the show will surely miss him on the silver screen!

We wish Kapil Sharma a speedy recovery and hope the new replacement manages to fill the popular shoes of this great host.

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