How Cruelly the Mobile Devices are Treated in Labs before they enter into the Market !!


Here we go, the pain of a Mother when giving birth to a child is Similar to the pain of mobiles suffer in testing labs!!

Basically mobiles ki kuda konni tests untai and oka student ki graduation certificate enta important O , Mobiles ki verification and validation certificate antha important and inka cheppali ante mobiles chala tests pass avvali…..1 Mobile Tests

Asalu Mobiles ki Tests enduku?
Good question, actually mobiles are designed graphically and tarwata according to the size elanti battery use cheyyali and inka display ela undali Inka Hardware and Software things anni set chesedi kuda graphical gane after the design, mobile developers ee mobile spares suppliers ne contact avtaru and vallatho clear ga cheptaru about design and their needs to all spares vendors like. Sony, Qualcomm, intel etc..

Software Testing
Testing is nothing but checking the Software….ekkadaina Bugs or Errors dorukutaya ani test chestaru… e testing cheseki separate team untundi and the team analysis all the requirements and specifications of the software which was developed by the developers.

These are the tests performed on all softwares, Mobiles Apps and Web Apps annintiki eve tests.2 Mobile TestsFeeling bored…..Chalo deep ga velthe inka bore kodtadi so lite ga vellipodam, for all test engineers please be concentrated on this topic, there are million Jobs on this domain,Software Testing.

Functional Testing ante em ledu bayya just testing the Software by using user credentials like Username and Password and Validation.

Integration Testing ante chala simple testing the flow of software from one Module to another module… ante em ledu bayya ne Paytm lo money me frnd ki transfer chesi malli ne balance and me friend balance check cheste, ne dantlo money cut ayyi undali me friend
accountlo money add ay undali… Just a flow of data from one module to another module.

Monkey Testing ante name lone undi just use the Software like a Monkey, actually user or customer is an end user so vaadiki em telidu ela use cheyyalo so first time ela padthe ala
use chestadu so aa test lo fail avvakunda test engineers end user la test chestadu, we call it as Monkey Testing.

Performance Testing idi gurthupettukondi, Hardware testing lo clarity istanu.

Globalisation Testing Testing the Phone will all Local Languages

Network & Protocol Testing Testing Network chipset according to the lastest spectrums like VoLTE, LTE, WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+, Edge, GPRS etc.

Hardware Tests

Pressure Testing 3 Mobile TestsYou can see the above pic where the mobile is undergoing in pressure test, mobile ne pockets lo pettukunapudu, inka manam ekkuva pressure apply chesinappudu em avvakunda elanti test chesta, if incase we keep our phones in back pocket appudu automatically konchem pressure apply avtund, alanti modes lo em avvakunda test chestaru.

Twist Testing4 Mobile Tests Ekkada phone twisting test chestaru, two edges ne pattukoni twist chesina em avvakunda and inka ala twisting chese time lo glass breaking chances untai alantivi lekunda supporting Gorilla glasses kuda place chestaru.

Battery Test 5 Mobile TestsE test gurinchi kottaga cheppakarledu as per the system performance battery back up untadi so this was checked by playing some high ended games and check how the battery was performing and charging test kuda chestaru, charging is based on USB cables where USB type C 2.0 aythe normal ga charge avtundi, USB Type C 3.1 aythe fast charging eppudu Samsung S8 and Sony XZ Premiums lo use chestunnaru.

Drop Test Drop test ante simple ga some height nunchi kinda padinapudu em avvakunda manchi Hardware spares use chestaru and enni Hardwares use chesina, kindapadite mobile pagilipovalsinde so anduke they will fix some height and pressure, aa height lo nunchi
padina em kaadu ani certificate istaru.

Bending Test 6 Mobile TestsBending test is done to all devices where the device is bending at some point and what will happen if the device bends more than that point is mentioned by mobile vendors by testing them on some bending tools.

Performance Test
Indaka cheppa kada gurtu cheyyandi ani , performance is based on Hardware set-up ante processor ne base cheskoni mobile performance untadi , latest aythe Qualcomm 835 where you can play PS4 games also which is only coming with Sony XZ Premium, OnePlus 5 and
Samsung S8.
Qualcomm is a company where the processors are made as per the design and requirments. ee performance test chese daaniki separate team untadu bayya the only work is to play high ended games inka as many apps they open and minimize and work simultaneously on similar apps in minimised stage and they will check the performance of the mobile.

Scratch & Water Resistant and Dust Resistant Tesing e tests anni kuda konni mobiles paine chestaru, avi kuda high ended devices and if they mentioned that this device is water resistant and scratch resistant ala mention chesi unte e tests chestaru bayya, just making
some scratches by using knife or some other tool and they will test the screen resistance, water resistant test done by using some water tubes and the phone will be placed in water for some time and checking whether the phone is working or not and varsham lo phone ne use chesina em kakunda Water splash test chestaru…

These are the types of tests done on every mobile, before they release into the Market…cruelty ante akkade chudochu bayya on every test they will show their cruelty and mobiles are cruelly tortured during the testing period in Labs.
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