How Google Maps Predicts so accurate results about Traffic.


Google Maps is a very useful tool for navigating your way around the world and getting to your destination as quickly as possible. One way it accomplishes this is by predicting traffic and calculating the fastest route.1 Google Maps Data Collection

For example nenu Marathahalli nunchi intel office ki vellali, kaani Bangalore traffic lo journey chesekanna intlo kurchodam better anipistadi bayya okkokaroju… above screenshots afternoon time chesinavi so Traffic konchem takkuva ga undi so 17 min chupinchindi but usually early morning 7 to 11 AM aa route lo journey chese vallaki kanipistai bayya chukkale….Minimum 2 Hrs pakka bayya…2 Google Maps Data Collection

Amaina google maps super bayya aslu antha accurate ga traffic results and a time lo reach avtamo and best possible routes chupistadi!! Bayya e sodi antha kaadu kaani asalu How… aah how this Google maps are so accurate about traffic results?

Vastunna bayya… assalu matter enti ante Google mana andariki thanks cheppali actual ga aythe, enduku ani anukuntunnara…? Matter mottam clear ga chepta sakkaga vinu.

Google maps erojullo idi teliyani vadu evvadu ledu, Autowala, UBER cab,Ola cabs andaru google maps use cheskuni locations ki reach ayye vaalle and inka e Google maps lo ne destination distance ,traffic details, delays, reaching time and fastest alternative route anni sakkaga chupistundi. Inka ne destination walkable distance lo lekapothe above 2 km aythe in built Google maps lone via Bus or Cab kooda select cheskovachu and Metropolitan cities lo aythe a time ki a bus vastundi and bus stops and reaching time and different Cab details and charges anni analyse chesi chupistadi…3 Google Maps Data Collection

Yes I have mentioned Screenshots of Google maps providing the details of the Bus and Cab Service also you can see clearly… 500C, 500D buses and Uber cabs with charges, now you don’t need to open Uber app and book a ride, from Google maps also you can book an easy Ride.
How is all these information analysed by Google?4 Google Maps Data Collection

Google em provide cheyyatla antha maname provide chestunnam! Avnu bayya prathi okkadidaggara Smartphone undi and Android phones aythe inbuilt Google maps application tho vastai and for Apple iPhone we have to download google maps but apple ki separate Maps unnai kaani avi india lo antha accurate ga undav !! so all apple users alternatively Google maps use chestaru for better accurate results.5 Google Maps Data Collection

iOS or Android both phones will give the same results on Google maps app and How will it calculate the results? Chala easy bayya manam andaram mana phones lo locations services on chesipettukuntam ( facebook lo location padali kada post lo ) usually manam mana usage kosam Location service on cheskunte Google Team Google app nunchi mana Location data ne upto date store cheskuntu untaru, Manam Journey lo unnapudu maps use chestam for a better route and same mana laane chala users usually all Uber and Ola cab drivers aythe eppudu google maps on chesi untaru and basic ga 50% Traffic data Cab vendors nunchi Google record cheskuntundi and the remaining 50% from people like us, mana phones nunchi record cheskuntundi…. inka namma buddi avvatleda nijam bayya manam ekada em peekutunnamo mana parents kanna..Google bro ki baaga telsu !! Every second ne Location data Google repository lo store avtune untundi… wait a second meeku proofs chupisthene trust chestaru kada… i will show!!MOVE8287

Above mention chesina pics lo clear ga kanipistundi take a min to see the results how Google records each and every minute of our life First a roju a state lo unnavo record avtundi and next aa state lo a Area lo unnav and next aa area lo enni locations ki vellav and next aa locations ki a dates lo a time ki veltunnav and entha time spend chestunnav… each and every minute of our life is recorded by google, epudu full clarity vachi untadi. Same above picture lo data ela record avtundo mana traveling data kuda store avtundi
incase we take some others routes to reach our destination in short period adi kuda record cheskuni analyse chestadi main route lo traffic undochu so vellu anduke short cut lo vellaru ani predict chesi google maps anni calculate cheskuni pakka results estadi. Ela Google track cheyyakudadu mimmalni anukunte better turn off your Location services ! Caution if you turn off your location services you can't able to use google maps and google kooda accurate results evvaledu other users ki because every customer is counted and every result is valuable to google. So better Google needs to thank to its each and every Customer, because we are the data creators and we are supplying huge data to Google, better manam kuda O thanks veskundam Google ki… without Google we can't leave…. meeremo telidu kaani nenaithe Google biddani abba….
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