How long you should store your leftover food? 


Chala varaku mana afternoon left over food dinner ki chesdam ani fridge lo store cheskuntaru, dinner ki left over food next day ki ani. Food endhuku waste cheyali ani oka thought lo manam a food ala store chestham. Kanni konni sarlu ee food undi ani manam marchipoie adi aalagey two or three fridge lo ney undey third day chala roju ayindi ani inka dusbin lo padestham, ledu antey manam tinni stomach issues inka food poisioning lanti vatini welcomes chestham. Usual ga complete ga cook chesina food immediate ga cool chesi fridge lo pedthey a food min 24 to 48 hours untundi, adey 2 to 3 days undali antey food ni freezer lo store chesthey better.Ye food enni roju fridge lo store cheyyali ani telusukovali ani anukuntunara ? Aythey check this article and know more about leftover food.

1.Dal: leftover foodye pappu ayna sariga store cheyyaledu antey thavraga spoil avuthai, inka smell ochesthai. So yeppudu pappu store cheyyali antey airtight container to store chesi fridge lo pedthey min 3-5 days untai.
2.Rice:leftover food Rice ni store cheyyadam no recommend, kaani rice store chesthey only 2-3 days untundi. Rice fridge lo natural look inka texture pothundi.
3.Roti/ Chapati: leftover foodRoti s inka chepathi 24 hours pyna store cheyakudadhu, eela chesthey roti rubbery inka tight texture untai.
4.Curries:leftover foodNon-veg curries yekkuva rojulu fridge lo kanna freeze chesthey min 2-3 days untai. Kanni store chesthey air tight container lo store cheyyali.
5.Cooked vegetables:5 How long should you store your left over food Min 2-3 days ye store cheyyali, beyond this point vegetables will loose there nutrients and freshness.