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How Mothers Have Inherent Qualities Of Managers


We all see our mothers constantly running errands to make our house a home. Haven’t you ever thought our mothers can make perfect Managers for an organization even without an MBA degree? Managing a home and its members is not a child’s play. A mother puts in loads of efforts and invests a lot of time in making home a better place, fulfilling our needs and keeping us happy.

Here are some default qualities our Mothers have which are also needed for a good manager.


Moms are best at this. They come up with a lot of shortcuts to do a task and also can handle multiple tasks in parallel. While they cook, they make kids ready for school, check what the other family members needs, clean the house and so on. All the programs constantly run at the back of their minds and they manage to complete everything on time. In case of working mothers, it becomes a herculean task to manage work-life balance.

Crisis Management

Ah! Who else is better at this than our Moms? Be it fixing a curry that’s gone wrong or making yummy delicacies with leftover food mom’s mind works wonders. When we are very hungry and there is nothing edible at home, mother never denies us food. They come up with some quick and new recipes with what is available at home. Even in case of unexpected guests, they swiftly think of something. They are pros at Hospitality Management. Even during sick days or when maid doesn’t turn up, they see to it that our routine is not affected.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Mothers always see to it that we are happy. They always take the burnt chapathi and gives us the good ones, it is the innate nature of mothers to give us the best of everything. She sees her happiness in ours.

Effective Decision Making

We take a lot of times just to select a couple of clothes for us. But a mother has to shop for an entire home, be it appliances, décor or home needs. She has to take many quick decisions for planning various things at home be it hiring a maid, budgeting, tour plans etc. They pretty well know what is good for us and not, be if food, clothing or other important things in life.


Appreciation encourages people to do more, to go that extra mile and outshine. Mothers take immense pleasure even in smallest of our achievements. They always appreciate and encourage us at various stages of life.


Mothers always keep an eye on what’s happening around. They need to know what supplies to buy to keep the house running. They prepare and buy everything in advance by checking on what supplies are about to exhaust. And we also can’t hide anything under their nose 😀 They know when we lie.

Listen and Guide

Mother listens to all our problems and worries patiently. She guides us and backs us during our low times. She is our lifelong mentor.

Being the Boss

Mothers are boss of the house. We all agree for that, but she is literally a boss as she has a real employee working under her! Maid. Mothers take interview of various maids, bargain on the salary, hire them with terms and conditions, keep an eye on their work, gives hikes according to their performance!!

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