How Much Do You Know About Indian Cuisine ? Play This Quiz & Find Out

Compared to other countries mana Indian Cuisine lo chala varities untayi. Okati kadu rendu kadu state ko ikka cuisine, lekka leni anni dishes. Mari mana Indian Cuisine gurinchi meeku entha telusu ?  

Okay konchem alochinchalsina vishayam eh kada. So let’s play this quiz meeku eh oka idea vachestundi how much you know anedi….




#1. What Is Unofficial ‘National Dish Of India ?

#2. Which State Is Most Famous For ‘Sambar’?

#3. Which People Use Coconut Oil As Edible Oil For Cooking ?

#4. Rajma Chawal Is Which State’s Official And Favorite Dish ?

#5. Kahwah Is ________?

#6. Gujrati’s Eat And Prefer _____ In Their Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner !

#7. Delicious Sweet _____________Is Originated From Region In Bangalore ?

#8. Masoor Tenga (Tangy Fish Fry) Is Fish Recipe Famous In This East India State…?

#9. Food Which Comes To Your Mind When You Heard Mumbai Name ?

#10. Tamilnadu Like To Eat ______As Their Main Course At Any Time ?


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