How Much Of Nani Do You Know?? Take The Quiz


We refer to him as the boy next door. The tag given to him is ‘Natural’ star. Might seem a bit funny, but when you look at the way he portrays his characters, it is indeed natural. He is one of the most sought out talent present in the industry. He has been in the industry for quite some time and there are no better people than us in following our celebs. Here we bring to you a quiz that will test how much of Nani you guys know?

Go ahead!!


You’re the Biggest Fan!!

Have you seriously seen his movies?

#1 What is Nani’s real name?

#2 Which was Nani’s first movie as a Producer?

#3 For which Radio Station did Nani work as a RJ?

#4 For the movie ‘Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu’, which actor did Nani replace?

#5 Which Bollywood production house produced a movie with Nani?

#6 Which is that one theatre Nani visits every time he has a movie released?

#7 How many years OLD is Nani ?

#8 Nani & Kriti Kharbanda featured in which movie?