How Much of KA Paul Do You Know? Try out this Quiz

We have heard so much of the personality called KA Paul or Kilari Anand Paul, though barely handful of us know how he has managed to get to the place where he is now. An 1

While his service is quite popular in the West, there have been some bitter moments through his journey, which is a little embarrassing. Somehow everything on this planet is related to Mr. Paul – atleast that is what he claims in his speeches. Be it Saddam Hussain whom he has given a counselling or Hollywood celebs like Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chain, everyone are his friends. He was also the guy who saved Amitabh Bachchan when he was supposedly on his death bed – now even this is something new to me. Check out this link, if you have the patience to know some of his many milestones which he claims, it also includes a spat with President Bush where he fought with him not to go for Iraq war. So, to summarize there is no one whom KA Paul doesn’t know. He knows you too, yes YOU!

Keeping all those aside, which might not seem quite interesting to few, lets check how much of KA Paul do you know on GK basis. It is not about wasting your time on reading about him, but hope these questions will weigh or enhance some common sense.

In good spirit. Try checking which of the below questions you can answer.

1. How much does KA Paul charge for a 20 mins Speech?

a. 10Cr      b. 20Cr     c. He doesn’t charge. He does it for the love of GOD.

2. What did Oprah Winfrey say about Mr. Paul?

a. He is Hot!     b. He is Cool!     c. He is the 8th wonder.

3. According to KA Paul, who was the individual who brought Bill Gates and other Peddholo to India?

a. KA Paul      b. KA Paul      c. KA Paul

4. In the US, where does KA Paul stay?

a. Playboy House      b. Mahalakshmi Lodge       c. A small house which he calls as ‘Gudisa’

5. For how many countries KA Paul assumed he has become their leader?

a. Only 6 Continents     b. Only 148 Countries      c. He is always the servant of GOD.

6. Which of the below KA Paul didn’t do?

a. Abandoned a 11 year girl after checking her into a hospital
b. leaving a trail of unpaid bills for the plane’s fuel and maintenance
c. fleeing to the United States from India after nine of his American volunteers were arrested and thrown in prison


1. – b. 20cr

2. – c. He is the 8th wonder

3. – c. Any one is correct

4. – c. A small house which he calls as ‘Gudisa’

5. – Any of them could be true. You never know! 😛

6. – All are true.


That’s it!!

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