21 Years Of Satya Movie – How Satya Movie Changed and Influenced Indian Cinema

Satya is a hard-hitting underworld film based on Mumbai mafia and gangsters. Satya movie lo beard hero ga JD Chakravarthy, gangster role lo Manoj Bajpai, Mumbai street life, dark theme, non-melodramatic dialogues, realistic gang wars, ila Indian cinema lo appati varaku Indian cinema lo leni elements tho Satya movie oka trend create chesindi.

Gangster Bhiku Mhatre role lo Manoj Bajpai, and another opponent gangster Thakurdas Jhawle role lo Govind Namdev, Urmila as a struggling singer role ila Satya movie lo each and every character is apt and made Satya as a landmark movie in Indian cinema.

Here is how Satya movie made an impact and influenced Indian movies.

1. Breaking Conventional or Regular Hero formula.

20 Years Of Satya Movie

Hero antey attractive looks, standard bodybuilder, ila appativaraku unna rules anni break chesthu RGV portrayed Satya character as a simple common man with full of beard, and lesser filmy dialogues and realistic screen presence which is never like before.

2. Explained casting couch incidents in 80’s through heroine character.

20 Years Of Satya Movie

Heroine antey glamour, adi Bollywood lo avtey ika chepanavsaram ledu. But Urmila character in a film is like common next door Indian girl, and explained casting couch incidents through her character in a film.

3. Gangwars, Crime in a realistic way.

20 Years Of Satya Movie

Mumbai antey celebrities, business magnets, financial city ea kadu, Mumbai lo mafia, gang wars, street life, extortion, lanti crime situations ni RGV tried to glorify and explore mafia on the silver screen. Film lo chasing scenes, fight scenes, are violent and feel brutal. So many movies copied fight sequences from Satya.

4.Script and Screenplay.

20 Years Of Satya Movie

Satya script is not regular plot where hero fall in love, fought for love against all odds, ila kadu script has its own aura about the mafia, gang wars, and explains dark side of Underworld, and how criminals face rise and fall.

Ace director Anurag Kashyap and movie lo kanpinchey Kallu Mama (Saurabh Shukla) worked as scriptwriters for Satya. Script lo unna originality movie oka seriousness and life techindi. Satya lanti underworld scripts tarvatha enni vacchina Satya antha impact create cheyaledu ane cheppali.

Satya movie ni base cheskoni chala underworld movies vacchayi, ippatiki some directors crime and mafia movies lo Satya movie influence untundi.

5. Cinematography and Background Score.

20 Years Of Satya Movie

Gerard Hooper ee peru manam malli ekkada vinaledu, itanu Satya movie cinematographer. Hooper tho patu Mazhar Kamran ane Indian cinematographer is a reason behind Satya visual wonder. Gangs chasing scenes, Mumbai streets, and life of Mumbai criminals ila prati frame antha realistic ga before and after Satya ea movie lo alanti picturization evariki possible avvaledu.

And you knom movie lo entire Kallu Mama song ki cinematography chesindi RGV ea. Aa roju shoot ki camera mans iddaru rakapovadam tho Varma ea song antha shoot chesadu.

JD Chakravarthy and Manoj Bajpai highlight aiyye every scenes lo vacchey Background score, and Kallu mama and Chappudaina cheyaledu lanti mass and cult songs still evergreen numbers.

6. Crime Never Pays.

20 Years Of Satya Movie

Satya movie plot clearly explains the story of gangsters and criminals life. Oka common man underworld lo ki velli, how he lost his love, career, and will remain as zero at end of the story. Satya simply explains dark sides of the criminal world at the same time tells “crime never pays”.

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